Enjoy safe handgun and rifle practice at the Hobbs Shooting Range. The shooting range accommodates target stands at distances of 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards. Five covered shooting stations are provided including one barrier-free station. The range has a concrete floor and a metal trap to catch fired rounds.

Shooters are required to provide their own targets (paper or cardboard only) and clothes pins (wooden only) for affixing targets to the stands. Used targets and brass should be removed before leaving the range.

Safety and courtesy among shooters is of utmost importance. Please call out "RANGE CLEAR" and confirm that all shooting has ceased before entering the target area.


The range entry road is near the intersection of State Highways 12 and 303 North.


o Open Tuesday – Sunday
o 8:00 a.m. – ½ hour before sunset
o Closed during Hobbs permit hunts (12 days in the Fall)

NOTE: The range is closed every Monday, as well as Christmas day. Additional closures are for the below permit hunt dates. 

CLOSURE NOTICE during permit hunts for the Shooting Range and following trails: The Shooting Range, Hidden Diversity Mult-Use Trail, Pigeon Roost Trail (and campsites), Shaddox Hollow Trail, and Sinking Stream Trail will be closed during permitted hunting seasons, which include fall gun and muzzle loading deer seasons, and fall youth gun deer season. There are 12 days for permit hunts during the fall of each year, which include some weekends. Additionally, the range may be closed during inclement weather. The current Arkansas Game & Fish Hunting Guide book will list permit hunt dates, or call Hobbs State Park Conservation Area at 479-789-5000.